C Certificate

C Certificate

Riders who have been in pony club for more than two years and are aged over 13 years (have passed their 14th birthday) must have attained their ‘C’ Certificate in order to compete at State Championships competitions in accordance with criteria for State events in the PCAV Handbook of By-laws

Minimum Age

  • 12 years

Certificate & Badge Colour

  • Green


  • "D" Certificate


  • Candidates should be encouraged to ride in a snaffle bit wherever possible. If another bit is used, the child should know the name and understand its action.
  • The rider should be able to maintain consistent contact through the reins.
  • In checking diagonals or leading leg, the candidate may drop the eyes to look at the shoulders but may not drop the head or lean forward.
  • Ideally the concept of 'feel' through the seat should be introduced here.
  • The forward jumping position/s with a steady lower leg should be established by the time of the test.
  • Candidates should be encouraged to hold the mane or a neck strap over the jump.

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