General Information

When you join Pony club, you will be allocated into a group. Our groups are named in colours and we try to put you into a group with a similar riding ability.

Pony Club is youth group orientated where children/young adults can come along with their horses and ponies and share a common interest along with learning to ride and care for their ponies. Please remember we are all volunteers and are doing our best to make the club an enjoyable place for our members to be. Members are taught in group lessons.

Each member has a grading card (otherwise known as a membership card) which has the member and their pony's information recorded on it. These cards are signed by the District Commissioner and need to be taken to each competition if you are competing. You need to be graded on your pony prior to going to a competition and you must have had two rallies on the same pony to be graded. Your card need to be signed at each rally so make sure you keep it in a safe place and bring it along to each rally and put it in the box on the desk when you sign in. It is very important that you check your cards to make sure you are graded correctly as it is the rider's responsibility that the cards are correct.

Rally Days

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! If you are unable to make it to a rally, please inform the DC ASAP. The sooner the better, but even if you find out that you cannot make it to the rally on the morning of the rally, please make contact immediately - This helps to organise groups and instructors.

At 9:30am you need to be mounted and waiting in your group at your allocated ring. The noticeboard shows which group you are in and which ring and what discipline you will be doing for each session. The first session includes gear check and you will be allocated points on cleanliness of your horse and gear which will determine who gets the Gear Check Award at the end of the year.

Your pony needs to be clean and tidy with hooves trimmed and all mud removed.

You need to be clean and tidy with correct Pony Club uniform (club jumper, polo, windcheater & beige, light colour jodhpurs) along with correct helmet and boots and your medical armband.

Your saddle and bridle need to be clean. Safety is paramount along with correct fitting equipment and only gear which is allowed as per the PCAV Gear Check Rules

Please make sure you are on time. Punctuality is important and also goes towards your gear check points.

At 10:45am we have a short 15 minute break to change gear (saddles if required) and to have a drink.

At 11:00am the 2nd session begins and runs until 12:00pm.

Lunchtime runs from 12:00pm to 1:15pm. Please make sure your horse is looked after - making sure they have water and hay. If your pony is very sweaty, you can wash him down (if it's warm enough) or you can use a bucket & sponge to get the sweat out.

During lunchtime, we have announcements from the DC at around 1:00pm. Please make sure you attend & listen to the lunchtime announcements!
From time to time we have a lunchtime theory session with the whole club (including parents) about various aspects of horsecare which is normally given by a professional within their field - ie Vet, Saddle Fitter, Horse Dentist.

At 1:15pm it is time to saddle your horse up to be ready for the 3rd session.

At 1:30pm you need to be ready for your 3rd session. Please wait at the designated area for your instructor. If it is a cold day, please move around the area at a walk while you wait.

At 2:30pm, it is the end of the pony club rally for your pony. Please ensure you have removed all manure from your yard and pick up your membership/grading card from the consintina file at the sign in desk (if you need it for a competition.) If you leave early, please let the DC know.

Pony Club is run by volunteers and requires a lot of organisation for the rally to run smoothly. Our committee is a dedicated group of parents who are happy to receive help. If you'd like to become involved, please speak to one of our committee members.

Further information regarding Duties and our Working Bee Levy can be found in the New Members Section of this website.

Yarra Glen Pony Club runs a Horse Trials event where other clubs are welcome to attend. This is our major fundraiser for the year. All members/parents are expected to help out at this event as it is a condition of membership. We also host Zone Clinics , which is another fundraiser for our club, where other pony club riders attend also. Parents are also asked to help at these events. Funds raised from these events go towards facilities for our members to use on rally days.

We also run a camp each year and have the occasional clinic for our club members.

We have an end of year Gymkhana at our December rally, so instead of having a normal rally, we hold a gymkhana. It is a fun day where we have a fancy dress event and other fun events.

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New Member Enquiries:
M: 0409 407 507

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